This database presents information on international war- and antiwar films of all genres from feature films to documentaries. 

It provides filmographic details (title, year of production, director, actor etc.) as well as abstracts of the film`s story and short biographies of the persons participating. Furthermore, the database offers information on the films’ whereabouts in the respective national archives, their availability on various media and selected bibliographic references. Wherever possible the database holds additional information concerning the presentation of the films i.e. copy-holder, rental conditions, technical specifications etc.

A detailed keyword-index allows to search for films about a particular war (i.e. the First World War), a particular topic (i.e. the Holocaust), a particular motif (i.e. the navy) or even certain filmspecific expressions (i.e. silent film). 

Modern War on Screen is a "project in progress" thus not claiming to be complete. If you want to comment on this project or if you have further information on films that already exist in our database or information on films that you miss, please feel free to contact us. 

Modern War on Screen was funded by the ministry of science and culture of Lower Saxony.

The Erich Maria Remarque-Peace Center is responsible for the editorial content.